Indian cucumber-root

Indian cucumber-root

Medeola virginiana

: moist woods
: approx 3 feet tall
: 1 or 2 whorls of 5-8 leaves
: small, appears above top whorl, may be 2-3 flowers per plant
: yellowish
: late May - early June
: a dark purple or black berry
: whorls of usually 5-8 leaves, stem usually fuzzy and wiry close to ground

Flowers hang from top whorl

Whorl may have 5-8 leaves

Berries atop whorl

Flower arises from top whorl

Confusing Look-Alikes

Similar whorl of leaves but no top whorl present
Star Flower

Star Flower

Trientalis borealis

: frequent in moist woods
: approx 4-8 inches
: whorls of 5 to 10 leaves, leaves are narrow, unequal sized
: 1-4 flowers per plant, petals, 1/2 inch across
: white
: May-June
: small, dry brown globular capsule
: distinctive flowers, features based on sevens: seven leaves, seven petals and seven sepals

Flowering plant

Flower close-up