Equipment Needed

  • Compass
  • 2 yardsticks, or a stick or string cut to 6 feet in length
  • Permanent marker
  • Smart phone with Avid Deer app (available on iOS or Android, or data sheets with pen or pencil and clipboard
  • PVC (2-ft x 1-inch), fiberglass, heavy duty plastic ( or, or wood stakes for marking plot center
  • Hammer or mallet for pounding stakes into ground
  • Brightly colored paint, brightly colored duct tape, or surveyors flagging for marking center and edge stakes
  • Colored pin flags or additional stakes for marking the 4 cardinal directions along the edge of your plots
  • GPS unit or phone with GPS capability
  • Numbered seedling tags (can be provided by Cornell University Department of Natural Resources, email Kristi Sullivan at
  • The Field Guide Summary Sheet for Volunteers in Appendix B
  • A partner! Working with a partner is not necessary but can speed up the process and add to the enjoyment
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